Careers @ INNOVO

Join INNOVO and halve carbon emissions

Join our active Community of Climate Changers as a supporting team member.

It takes unique and dynamic people to work in the cross-functional global team that is INNOVO.

Current available positions at INNOVO:
-  Corporate Entrepreneur to CEO

Email us for more information how you can join INNOVO: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How we define our culture:

INNOVO Culture

Join our community of Climate Change passionate people and you will:

  • Meet impressive professionals committed to engage at planetary level
  • Build a community of talents including yours
  • Contribute to make a proven impact onto major industries
  • Facilitate production and consumption habits for a promising future
  • Favor innovation and help sustainable organizations to succeed

INNOVO 4 step recruitment process

  1. We review all applications and select the people who match our culture
  2. We have an introductory video conference where you can ask all your questions
  3. We conduct an online interview to know you better
  4. We make an offer to the candidate that is the best fit for the role

INNOVO Vision and Mission

INNOVO Vision:
INNOVO enables organizations of all sizes to deploy profitable proven Net Zero technologies yielding Audited Carbon Reductions. This enables them to buy and sell all goods, services, and technologies on the INNOVO profitable Net Zero Marketplace with Audited Carbon Reductions instead of carbon emissions.

INNOVO Mission:
INNOVO finds the best profitable Net Zero technologies and globally scales them through its commercial network.


  • INNOVO’s purpose is built on delivering across the three core dimensions of profit, planet, and people to all its stakeholders
  • We have a Business Model built on retrospective fairness
  • INNOVO’s business practices focus on agile cross-functional teams
  • Business value is shared fairly between INNOVO, its partners, and individuals responsible for value creation