Corporate Entrepreneur to CEO

Job Title:                CEOs to Build Multiple $’00m Net Zero Ventures

Location:                Global with 95% Remote Working

Compensation:    Substantial + generous stock options

INNOVO is recruiting CEOs and their teams of Corporate Entrepreneurs to build and run $’00m Net Zero Ventures alongside $bn+ corporate partners together with multiple carbon conversion plants worldwide yielding profitable output products. The Ventures are projected to have $’00m of revenues within 3 years. The remuneration is substantial reflecting the size of the Ventures. CEOs and their teams share $’0m of capital gains because of INNOVO’s entrepreneurial culture.

INNOVO Profitable Net Zero
$6.7 trillion Market Opportunity: Over 5,000 companies generating over US$7T in turnover are now party to Science-Based Targets, hence committed to net zero. Therefore, their suppliers must also commit to Net Zero targets in order to keep selling or sell more to them.

Mission: INNOVO enables organisations of all sizes to major customers much faster and at a much lower cost. Uniquely, it achieves this by embedding an INNOVO team at the supplier and a separate INNOVO team at each major customer. Organisations can sell and market their goods and services via the profitable Net Zero Marketplace:

CEOs to Build Multiple $’00m Net Zero Ventures
We are setting up different types of INNOVO Venture in different continents and different industries. Each of these Net Zero Ventures needs a CEO capable of building it to $’00m revenues within 3 years. We are seeking:

  • CEOs to build and run carbon conversion plants and then market their outputs:
    • Plants alongside heavy industries converting CO2 emissions into biofertilizers and fish feed
    • Plants converting natural gas into hydrogen and graphene, a nano-carbon super-material
  • CEOs to run INNOVO Ventures alongside $bn+ corporate partners. Such Ventures sell profitable clean technologies and profitable sustainable consultancy to their corporate partners. They also enable corporates to receive flows of Audited Carbon Reductions from their suppliers via INNOVO Network.
  • CEOs to run Joint Ventures alongside the best clean technology firms enabling them to rapidly achieve scale by building capacity and expanding globally.

INNOVO Network is a global commercial network that generates Audited Carbon Reductions which can be created and tracked from suppliers through organizations to their customers and end users.

The $’00m size of these Ventures reflects the size of their $bn+ corporate partners.

INNOVO’s purpose is built on delivering across the three core dimensions of profit, planet and people to all its stakeholders.

Our Business Model is built on retrospective fairness where business value is shared fairly between INNOVO, our partners and individuals responsible for value creation.

The Person
The individuals that thrive at INNOVO are proactive self-starters. As entrepreneurial leaders, they create commercial value for INNOVO partners with new technologies and services. They are also enabling leaders ensuring that the Corporate Entrepreneurs in their teams have the support they need. The type of leader is summarised by a podcast on Harvard Business Review:

Role of the CEO and their Supporting Management Teams
INNOVO is a new global ecosystem for achieving profitable Net Zero rapidly. New technologies and opportunities are rapidly leveraged by self-managed teams.

Experience in the following roles is relevant to becoming an INNOVO CEO:

  • Management consultancy at partner level
  • Business development or commercial experience
  • Deployment of innovation and technologies in major organizations
  • New market entry particularly via partnerships

INNOVO Central Services provides central services to the CEOs’ companies including IT, financial and legal services, marketing, talent management, and technology sourcing.
Exploratory Engagement with INNOVO: Part-Time Remote Working
95% of the work across INNOVO’s global ecosystem is conducted remotely using the Teams video and collaboration platform. Prospective candidates can join us and work remotely part-time or full-time for an exploratory 3 months. During this time, we will provide learning and the opportunity to work on live projects. Many of these are Ventures where we are already recruiting a CEO and supporting teams of Corporate Entrepreneurs. You are contingently remunerated during this period and share in the value that you create with us. At the end of this time, we can mutually agree if you want to stay in either a part-time or full-time capacity.

Remuneration and Capital Gain
The CEOs and their teams of Corporate Entrepreneurs build and run Ventures which are projected to have $’00m of revenues within 3 years. Remuneration is substantial and grows in line with the rapid growth of the Venture. INNOVO’s commitment to fairness means that CEOs and their teams of Corporate Entrepreneurs can earn stock options of $’0m within 3 years. Each Venture has liquidity built into its equity structure in addition to which it is INNOVO’s intention to list an Exchange Traded Fund.

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