INNOVO is deploying profitable and scalable clean technologies which can halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. We're offering investors substantial returns from this critically important global mission. We’re raising $ 10M to $100M in equity investment and $ 200M to $ 500M+ in debt and equity finance for each major technology project.

Here are some of the industrial scale projects for profitable clean technologies that we are raising capital for:

Desert Bio-farms Each Profitably Removing 1.1 million Tonnes of CO2 Annually
Bio-farms in the desert sunshine are capable of farming algae in tanks of seawater to yield many profitable products including sustainable aviation fuel and biofuel. They also produce fish feed and animal feed. We are raising debt and equity finance for the next two projects. It costs $ 414M to build a very profitable 300-acre bio-farm digesting 1.1 M T of CO2 pa., this is 270 times more CO2 per acre than trees.

Landfill and Effluent Profitably Transformed into Clean Energy, Green Hydrogen and Biochar Another proven, profitable technology that we are deploying converts landfill and sewerage into clean electricity, hydrogen and biochar. The biochar locks carbon into soil while improving plant yields which take more CO2 out of the air. 70 of these plants have been built worldwide and we are raising $ 450M and $ 500M in debt and equity for the next two projects.

INNOVO’s Other High Impact Profitable Clean Technologies

Although INNOVO has found many high impact profitable clean technologies, we are raising large-scale capital for the following which already have proven industrial installations:

  • Waste Heat Recovery System - $ 120M debt and equity project finance.
  • Hydrogen from waste with CO2 from bioethanol production to yield sustainable aviation fuel - $ 250M debt and equity project finance.
  • Hydrogen and methanol fuel cells – up to $ 100M debt and equity project finance.

Exceptional Ongoing Liquidity

INNOVO offers investors ongoing liquidity from:

  • INNOVO Net Zero and each of the INNOVO companies has its own internal market for shares enabling shares to trade.
  • Investment banks and Net Zero Asset Managers can list INNOVO Exchange Traded Funds in different stock exchanges in different countries.

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