Transportation - Friction reducing compound


Our product line, featuring a patent-pending metal conditioner, emphasizes sustainability, surpassing petrochemical competitors in longevity without toxic components. The SG, although not entirely plant-based, excludes harmful elements like molybdenum. It excels in high loads, temperatures, and harsh conditions, providing top-tier pressure protection, thermal stability, and water resistance. The LFE, designed for wet bath scenarios, minimizes friction, safeguards bearings and gears, and extends oil life. The 100% plant-based SS, NSF H-1 food grade, functions as a versatile penetrant, lubricant, cleaner, and surface protectant. While the SG extends greasing intervals significantly, the LFE triples oil life, and the SS case hardens metals, showcasing remarkable ROIs of 100x+, 20x, and 100+, respectively.

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Medium - large scale commercialization within 1 year A4700