Agriculture - Biochar manufacturing


Every year, $100B worth of soil is lost to erosion and degradation and it is expected to reach the trillions by mid-century. In addition, there is a trillion tons debt of carbon in the atmosphere, already severely impacting our ecosystem’s resilience. To tackle this challenge, the solution was developed to create functional biocarbon from waste. With an innovative and patented manufacturing process, a high-quality biochar is produced for better agricultural performance and soil remediation. The system is circular and uses less than 4% start-up energy for production. At scale, one full-sized facility is projected to sequester almost 20.000 tons of CO2 annually. Biochar is amongst the most affordable, technologically ready, carbon sequestration methods with the largest potential for CO2 utilization.

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Prototype testing in the real world 30% cheaper than activated carbon A4200