Publlic Sector - Biofilm contamination, fouling and scaling elimination


Composed of a plug and play transducer able to run on a 24/7 basis, the ultrasonic solution can prevent and remove biofilm on pipes, filters, pumps, without any chemicals. By using the right frequencies, bacteria and adhesive nutrient layers are removed at the same time, making it impossible for a new biofilm to form. In contrast to chemical treatments, the ultrasound technology is odorless, doesn't cause corrosion and has no impact on the environment. This solution allows the end-consumer to reduce the use of disinfectant or antibiotics as most of the bacteria have been eliminated. Keeping pipelines and tanks clean and safe without using any chemicals is fundamental for human health and for sectors such as agriculture and livestock farming.

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Medium and large-scale commercialization 1 to 2 years A3900