Construction - Green cement


The solution consists of the production of a low-lime, calcium silicate cement (CSC) as a replacement for ordinary Portland cement (OPC), and the curation of concrete made with CSC by it reacting with CO2 rather than H2O. CSC can be made in existing cement kilns, consumes less limestone and requires less energy than OPC all while reducing CO2 emissions from the kiln by 30 to 40%. When CSC-based concrete is cured with CO2, it costs less to produced, cures in less than 24 hours versus the traditional 28 days and has a higher durability than its OPC counterparts. Together, the low-lime cement/CO2-cured concrete technologies offer the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete and the water used to form concrete products can be reclaimed and recycled.

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Small scale commercialization reduces energy usage by 30%, water by 80% A3400