Real Estate - Converting carbon captured CO2


The technologies converts carbon captured CO2 and other waste streams (ammonia, phosphate) into stable value-added materials for the agriculture, sewage treatment, food production and waste sectors.  The core technology combines three components: CO2, a waste fibrous material and ammonia (or one from the Amine family). When combined, the result is three-fold. Firstly, significant amounts of exothermic heat are released. Secondly, it adds value to a product by turning the waste materials into fertilizers or bio-based composite materials that can replace up to 30% of virgin fibers in the extrusion of plastics. Thirdly, no waste byproducts are produced. CCm's process has a carbon footprint that is already 80% less than existing market mineral fertilizers.

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Medium and large-scale commercialization 4-7 years A2600