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Process heat stands for 2/3 of the energy consumption in the industry and relies at 90% on fossil fuels worldwide, in developed and developing countries. Globally this represents 25% of the global GHG emissions. There is a critical need to decarbonize these activities if countries want to succeed in their energy transition, while maintaining the industrials (the heat consumer) competitive on their market, protecting them against energy price volatility and preserving their investment capacity for their production core assets. Solar Heat as a Service (SHaaS) aims at providing to large industrial consumers a CO2-free, competitive, reliable, and local solar heat for their production processes. Customers pay according to the energy consumed and measured. They are offered very stable price for several years while being protected against the market prices' volatility. This solution that does not require their capital, allow them to focus on investments more aligned with their core strategy.

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Medium and large-scale commercialization Up to 20% cheaper than natural gas A2500