Real Estate - Air filtration or air renewal without impact


Bio Climatization provides a solution to solve problems related to poor air filtration or air renewal and ensures the comfort of its users without impacting the planet. Conventional air-conditioning systems in commercial buildings have two major drawbacks: they consume a lot of energy and use, for the most part, refrigerants (HFCs) that are 14,000 times more polluting than CO2. The bio-air conditioning solution created is a real eco-efficient alternative to conventional air conditioning systems. The solution works according to a natural adiabatic cooling process. It can heat, cool, all while renewing the ambient air at 100% (up to 5 times/hour). With the solution, it is thus possible to meticulously control the temperature and hygrometry inside tertiary buildings, while consuming much less energy than a conventional system. 

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Medium and large-scale commercialization 1 year A2200