Agriculture - Converting carbon dioxide into animal feed


Decarbonization is fundamental to reach the net-zero emissions target by 2050. Rather than focusing solely on reducing sources of carbon emissions, this solutions CO2-to-X platform technology allows CO2 to be reused to generate more sustainable products.  The company's main focus is on producing and commercializing Proton. Proton is a single cell protein nutritionally optimized for animal feed, produced from CO2 and with a carbon footprint reduced by 90% compared to conventional protein ingredients used in the feed industry (soy or fishmeal). By partnering with industries that generate biogenic CO2, this company can add further value to existing sustainable technologies. As Drax's power station is carbon neutral, the company has the ability to produce cost-effective and emission-free proteins with a scalable and future-proof strategy.

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Prototype testing in the real world Within 5 years A2100